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5 Elements of Leadership that Often Fall Short

It’s easy to talk about leadership development as a focus, and to imagine that organizations are filled with great leaders. Unfortunately that’s not always the way it is.  The reality is all too often far different. Here’s some evidence: According to an SHRM 2017 Survey, only 51% of employees are satisfied, or very satisfied with […]

The Execution Risk of Leading is High

Getting people information is not the same as giving them an understanding of what’s needed. More information isn’t the answer. Understanding what’s needed, and being able to deliver that are. How will you help with that? There’s an abundance of information out there. But there’s a shortage of wisdom and understanding. How will you deepen […]

10 Principles of Peak Performance

Some people are interested in achievement, while others are committed. What happens next is a direct result of those choices. Here are 10 Principles that help create Peak Performance: Clarity of Vision- This includes specific goals and outcomes that are easily measured. It also includes an elevated vision of Self. When you know Who you are, you tend to […]

Leaders Who Inspire Turnover

All organizations are a reflection of their leadership. Can people lead effectively without demonstrating emotional competence? Many leaders unintentionally demonstrate behaviors that interfere with and jeopardize people feeling valued and supported. A leader who demonstrates anger, condescension, avoidance, and verbally cutting people to ribbons, may not be fit to lead. It is also clear as […]

Healing Your Emotional Life for Good

First some background. Everything you’ve seen, felt, and experienced has been stored away in your mind. Even the things you didn’t want to see and hear are recorded in the background of your unconscious mind. Besides the obvious events, this is how things get in: Whatever you do, don’t think about the blue giraffe with […]