Change Your Management Style,…Do this One Thing

Change Your Management Style,…Do this One Thing

Want more loyalty from your employees?

What to be able to make a greater impact as a leader?

As you may be aware, the #1 Reason employees leave is because of their boss.

Is that you?

As a leader, when you walk into a room you are immediately influencing people…
Before you say one word.

What’s the feeling that people get from your presence? Do you know?

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Why Team Building is a Dead End

Why Team Building is a Dead End

1. Why Team Building is a Dead End***.

Your team is probably a loose business alliance and it’s killing performance.

So what’s wrong with team building? Nothing, if you believe that taking a bunch of employees off-site to bond, play games, and do various complex simulations will create more trust, elevate openness, and improve overall team communication.

What’s the tangible, true value of the team building experience to the organization?
When employees spend more time together potentially good things can happen.

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Is Unfulfilling Love Better than No Love?

Is Unfulfilling Love Better than No Love?

People often settle for unhappy marriages and just stay stuck.

Sometimes it’s easier to have the status quo than to imagine that you could be happier, and in a significantly more loving, fulfilling marriage.

Maybe that seems like work.

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Being CEO and the Greatest Wife in the World

Being CEO and the Greatest Wife in the World

“Ninety percent of this stuff is not that serious, we just get crazy about it.” –Ursula Burns CEO Xerox

It’s becoming more and more common to see women at the top of the corporate ladder that has long been dominated by men. Finally many women are being recognized for their tremendous leadership skills and business achievements.

Their vision, creativity, and relentless determination to make a difference, is paying big dividends.

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A Message about Your Unhappiness

Your unhappiness came with a price that maybe you aren’t fully aware of.

When did you give away your Self-Worth?

Have you, as an adult, ever placed your entire self-worth in the hands of someone else?

Meaning…that you could only feel good about yourself when you felt loved, accepted and good enough for this other person… who is typically your spouse.

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The Surprising Personal Consequences of Cheating

What price do you pay when your personal integrity has left you?

Cheating and affairs are common. More common than you might think, and it has never been easier for a married man or woman to hook up for sex outside of their marriage.

This article might seem uncomfortable for some readers because it will resonate closely with their own personal reality.

While there is a lot to talk about when it comes to affairs, I am only going to focus on one specific area; the emotional impact on the person having the affair.

People make mistakes. We all make mistakes.

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How to Avoid Valentine’s Day Disappointment

“Your relationship will always reflect what you do and fail to do”

The big day of love is just about here, Happy Valentine’s Day…or maybe not. That all depends on how you feel about your partner and the overall status of your marriage.

Is it happy or unhappy?

This year, over 1 Billion Valentine’s cards will be given, many of them exchanged from a sense of obligation, or to meet an expectation of society and/or your partner.

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Change Your Unconscious Thoughts to Change Your Life

The thoughts you have on a daily basis either propel you forward or keep you stuck.

A father brought his 7 year old son to see me because he was having panic attacks and missing lots of school. He had been to a psychologist for a few months, but nothing had changed, and he had not improved. And the panic attacks continued.

Can you predict what your next thought will be?

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