Advanced Leadership Development and Training

The most effective and competitive edge answers for managing people, and unleashing peak performance.

Nothing works like an understanding of who you are as a leader. Once that is confirmed, nothing is ever the same again.

If you’re serious about advancing your skills and effectiveness as a leader, this is the training for you. You’ll get cutting edge tools and strategies, and game changing wisdom, to transform yourself, and the workplace.

This Advanced Leadership Development is great for leaders who care about having more impact and influence. This training can also help you to advance your own career through the many subtle aspects of influence.

You’ll also get immediate answers for conflict resolution, turnover, low morale, team dysfunction, under-performance, managing difficult personalities, and offsetting stress.

This is where change begins.
Here’s How We Address Leadership Shortfalls and Close Performance Gaps

These are some of the areas we work on together:


360” PEAK Performance Review

Using a customized interview process with select co-workers, we will identify patterns of behavior that impact the workplace.

Refining and Clarifying Leadership Vision

This critical component of leadership is overlooked in its’ importance as a source driver of leadership behavior.  

Emotional Interference

Managing stress and emotions requires tools that work right now. You’ll get the most advanced training that exists in taking control of your emotions and offsetting stress.

Self-Imposed Limitations

Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, and your role as a leader get optimized. This builds confidence, expands your ability to gain trust, and creates breakthroughs in performance.

Compartmentalization of Values

You’ll gain clear insight into the unintended consequences of leading with compartmentalized values. This is the most destructive element in the workplace today.

Conflict Resolution

You’ll learn about managing egos and personalities. You’ll expand your knowledge about individual needs, and unmet expectations. And you will get transformational wisdom to address the source cause elements that create conflicts.

Managing People and Expectations

You are building an arsenal of tools that allow you to manage people far more effectively. This will include guidance for performance reviews and managing un-met expectations.

Addressing Team Dynamics and Dysfunction

Team’s tend to perform based on the clarity and effectiveness of team leaders. You’ll learn how to mentor team leaders for greater collaboration, high trust, openness, and performance.

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