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This new book Be Happy Forever is life changing. Find out for yourself why so many people have simply followed the instructions, and felt immediate improvement in their emotional lives.

If you’re ready to let go of negative emotions and reclaim your happiness, this book is absolutely for you.

Written by the Author of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle; and The Accelerated Healing of Chronic Illness, you’ll find immediate answers to let go of; anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, overwhelm, fear and much more.

You’ll learn all you need to know to take control of your emotional life, and create lasting happiness.

Be Happy Forever, takes you into the heart a truly transformational process to remove negative emotions of the past and deepen feelings of inner peace and joy. This inspirational book allows you to create your own emotional well-being, and personal empowerment.

Learn the access points to remove stubborn emotional blocks, eliminate cycles of negative emotions, and take control of your emotional wellness for good.

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Be happy forever

What’s inside


Lesson #1: Tell Yourself the Truth

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Lesson #2: Take Control of Your Emotional Life

Your Emotional Health Matrix


Lesson #3: Improve Your Thoughts

The Foundation


Lesson #4: Improve Your Thoughts

Breaking the Cycle of Negative Emotions


Lesson #5: Understanding The Magenta Process

Level 1 – The Mini-Meditation, and Self-Love


Lesson #6: The Magenta Process

Level 2 – Access Point Water


Lesson #7: The Dynamic Process Unfolds

Level 3 – Unfolding and Expansion


Lesson #8: The Dynamic Process Continues

Level 4 – Offsetting Negative Emotions


50 Rules for Healthy Living

Timeless wisdom that will improve your life forever!

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A Personal Message

I was a big Robin Williams fan.

When he took his own life, it reminded me that fame and fortune are not the answer for happiness. In fact, fame and fortune can lead to pressure to continue to perform at an elevated level of whatever you’re great at.

That can be exhausting both mentally and physically.

Then when Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade took their own lives, joining a long list of past celebrity suicides, I realized that something I was doing might help the next person who had suicidal thoughts. At the least, it might be useful to people who are stressed-out or overwhelmed, and want to be happier.

It’s important to understand that I’m not a licensed mental health practitioner. I’m not a psychologist or therapist.

I’m just a guy who figured out how to offset stress, and negative emotions, in order to stay calm and functioning at a high level in my own extreme circumstances. I’ve taught hundreds of people to do the same over the past twelve years as an Executive Peak Performance Coach.

These discoveries are very powerful tools that I believe can be the foundation for improving emotional wellness.

This is your introduction to what I call The Magenta Process. I used it to help myself stay calm and get through incredibly stressful times.

I’ve had lots of adversity in my life. You probably have as well.

My challenges have come in unpleasant ways in every area of my life. I’ve lost all my money; I lost my job of twenty years after climbing the corporate ladder of success. I lost my health from eight years of undiagnosed, severe Lyme Disease. During that time, I had suicidal thoughts that were extreme and uncontrollable.

I have been the multi-year caretaker for my wife who lost her struggle with cancer at age 49. I was primarily responsible for her round the clock care while she was home on hospice for nine months. To say this was difficult is an understatement. She died while holding my hand. I did this trying to support the emotional health of our twelve year old son, who witnessed far more human suffering than anyone should ever see.

Around the same time, my mom died suddenly. I made the 3-hour drive to her funeral, and then back to take care of my wife. Given my wife’s condition I was unable to attend my mom’s funeral reception with other members of my family. It was a surreal experience.

I’ve lived a frenzied, life and death pace, for too long.

Maybe now you have a better idea of why I think I’m experienced enough to offer suggestions in the area of emotional wellness. What I was able to do to stay emotionally solid despite my life conditions, anyone can learn for themselves.

What I uncovered while looking for answers was my own evolution

My background includes a Certification in Strategic Intervention. And I‘ve spent years studying NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming). My inspiration comes from the work of brilliant psychologist Dr. Milton Erickson who used the unconscious mind as a resource.

There are many things in life that are out of our control. We cannot predict the events, nor the circumstances we will face. Life may surprise us all in any variety of unpleasant and even traumatic ways.

We can however, learn to offset stress and other negative emotions, and take control of our own emotional health.

What I have discovered is that in the most difficult circumstances of my life, I could stay positive, and be emotionally strong. And I could do whatever needed to be done.

I’m not immune to stress. Perhaps it was out of survival, but I learned how to offset stress, negative feelings, and extreme upsetting events.

I taught myself how to be emotionally solid, no matter what was going on in my life.

I want you to have these same tools and skills to offset your own stress, or negative emotions, and begin to shift emotional control in your favor.

Now you can be happier and have greater inner peace, without waiting for the circumstances of your life to change. All you need is an upgrade in your current level of knowledge and understanding.

We all have the potential for incredible emotional resilience.

But you cannot access that power without understanding your role in preventing the accumulation of stress, as well as negative emotions from past events.

In my thinking, happiness was always something outside of me. It’s easy to be happy when good things happen. But good things don’t always happen. And many people hold onto negative experiences, and stack them up on top of each other, making it truly impossible to be happy.

Joy is more meaningful to me.

Joy is something I can wake up with every day, no matter what happened the previous day, and no matter what I am going to face. Joy can’t be taken from me, because it’s internally generated. I believe I’m a joyful person.

That doesn’t mean bad things don’t affect me. It means that despite them, I feel good about myself and my ability to control what I do. It leaves me in an incredibly solid place. As a result, I’m a very happy, optimistic person.

It’s important to understand that I believe in facts, and common sense.

My focus is only on the proof and evidence, that something works. I’m also very curious, and have spent years testing countless ideas to discover what will work right now, today.

I’ve always been in a hurry to resolve my own challenges and those of my clients.

My hope is that you’re also willing to be curious, and try the ideas you’re about to read. Then, and only then, you will know whether they work for you or not. There’s no proof more valuable.

I want you to be the judge, and have your own evidence, that these ideas work. Not because I say so, or because they’ve worked for someone else.

You’ll get to know factually, whether the ideas I’ve discovered are helpful to you, or not.

In my opinion and experience, these ideas are life changing.

It has been for me, and the hundreds of clients I’ve taught to manage their emotional states. My belief is that not only will you find real help in these ideas, they will work for you right away. You won’t have to wait weeks and months to know if you feel better. You’ll have that answer quickly. Many people experience significant changes fast.

• Are you ready to begin to shift control of your emotional life in your favor?

• Are you ready to learn how to offset stressful feelings, and negative emotions?

• Are you ready to begin to let go of past traumatic events, without talking about them?

Then you’re ready to try out the ideas in the pages ahead. You’ll want to be consistent doing what you’re about to read.

Anyone can benefit. All you need to do is be willing to give yourself a chance to have more happiness, joy, and inner peace.

You will have to value yourself more in order for that to happen. That means you must prioritize your own emotional wellness. Nothing can get better if you don’t.

You’ll understand more about that shortly.

I wish you a life filled with love, great joy, and deep inner peace!

Let’s Begin.



anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, overwhelm, fear, and much more…

The answers in this book will help you take control of your emotional life. You’ll have everything you need to be happy for a lifetime.

What people are saying…


“This book is different because it delivers results you feel every day and are practical to anyone life style. Take 2-5 mins and be open to these ideas because they can really change your out look on life. I am a month in and feel like I’ve completely changed as a person for the better because I now care about what makes me happy and capturing that by doing things that make me happy.”

Amazon Customer


“After reading the first section, “Tell Yourself the Truth,” I felt so much absorbed to the book and wanted to keep reading more and more, I couldn’t put it down! I loved it.”

Triza Kelvin


I’m totally in awe with the authors’ trademark unique approaches to problems. Yet again he successfully provides practical strategies of live a stress and anxiety free life with full of happiness. It helps you confront your negative emotions and live positively. The writing style is interactive and helps readers connect to the narrative immediately. 



“This book really helped me in changing the state of mind and my way of thinking. I am now aware that in any prevailing or sad situation, how can I divert my mind. One of the best strategies to divert the mind is to be slowing down of thoughts which I experienced and felt quite well.”

Syed Ahmed



“Be happy forever” is a guide to offset stress and negative emotions. A great way to reflect on the things we should be grateful for and the many reason we have to be happy. Positive mindset, meditation and many other strategies are suggested in this very easy to read book. It also contains a series of helpful and easy to apply tips, exercises and a set of rules to have a healthy living.


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About the author

Jeff Forte

Jeff Forte, is an Executive Peak Performance Coach, Leadership Expert, Author, and Speaker.

Jeff’s work has had a transformational impact on thousands. He is the creator of the Magenta Process for personal transformation, The Magenta System for emotional wellness, and the Rising Love Marriage Repair Process for fixing marriages and divorce prevention.

All the elements of his work are designed to create rapid improvement in emotions, personal lives, relationships, and careers. His highly proprietary system creates changes clients feel right away.

Those looking for ideas that give quick improvement in emotional wellbeing, will love the proof and evidence-based results in this must read Be Happy Forever. You’ll want to share these life-changing tools with friends and loved ones.

The ideas in his books contain powerful secrets that begin to shift the odds of success quickly in your favor. They are crafted and designed for immediate improvement.  You’ll love the easy-to-read style, and now you’ll have answers for taking control of your happiness for good.


Jeff’s clients include Fortune 500 Executives, Professional Athletes, High Tech Visionaries, Emmy Award Winners, Global Leaders, Business Professionals, Couples and Teams.

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Be happy forever

Be Happy Forever, may be the most important book you’ll ever read. Give yourself this gift today.