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This book will take you into the heart of The Magenta Process; The most effective tools for letting go of negative emotions, and increasing happiness.

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Jeff Forte, Author of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, and The Accelerated Healing of Chronic Illness, is an Executive Peak Performance Coach.

This book takes you directly into The Magenta Process, and the most impactful tools you’ll find to take control of your emotional life for good. Jeff created this process to clear away stress, remove unwanted emotions, quickly improving happiness and inner peace.

This book will give you direct access to stubborn emotional blocks, and repeating cycles of thought that cause; unhappiness, overwhelms, anxiety, anger, sadness, overwhelm, pressure to perform, and much more.

Jeff’s clients include Fortune 500 Leaders, High Tech Visionaries, Emmy Award Winners, Professional Athletes, Attorneys, Surgeons, Celebrities, and Others who want to achieve greater levels of happiness and inner peace.

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