A Pleasant Surprise!

A big black bug hit my windshield last night and smashed it in.  It was a truck tire at 60 miles an hour on I95.

It came from the darkness up high in the air and my eye picked it up only about 6 feet away coming down on a collision course with me.  My mind only had a moment to register “Tire, Shit”!  It caved in the windshield and bent the top of the car.  I hit the breaks and then another car hit me from the back.  Glass was everywhere on me and around me.  No one stopped.

After I got the car on the shoulder, I took a quick inventory of me.  I immediately attached a meaning to the accident.  I felt happy.  I felt grateful to still be here.  I am still happy about it.  My car might be a total loss.  I could care less.  The tow truck driver couldn’t understand why I was happy and smiling.

I didn’t think about the errands I needed to run and all the things I had to do.  I thought about my wife and son and family and how much I loved them.

Life will continuously give us challenges.  It will rock us and shake us to our core from time to time as you know.   What we do about it, and the meanings that we give it are everything.

What’s really most important to you?  What are you doing about it?  We will all run out of days.

We all get to decide what our lives are about and how we want to live them.  Our time is precious, make it matter.

December 19, 2012
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