Are You Feeling Stuck?

Want to Breakout and Crush Your Limits?

How do you know what is really possible in your life?  Most of us get into a comfort zone where things are Ok.  The job is ok, the relationship is ok, and overall things are just ok.  But the level of happiness is only Ok.  Life is not all that much fun, but maybe everything is fine.  If you are honest, it’s not enough is it?

Maybe you find yourself living in a neutral zone where there is not enough motivation to pull you out of it, and not enough pain to push you to change something because after all, things are Ok, they don’t suck.

The problem is that while things are Ok, there is no sense of aliveness.  No sense of excitement.  No sense of fulfillment.  Maybe you’re just going through the motions and existing.  Your life is kind of dull, and maybe if you were to admit the truth a little boring at times.  You may be stuck in the same routine day after day, and it’s wearing on you slowly as your happiness level erodes bit by bit over time.

Want to get yourself out of this dull existence?  Want to transform your life experience from just ok to something that’s amazing?

How many people do you know including yourself that are truly living life, and loving what they do, and are incredibly happy and fulfilled?

You can change it all.  Here’s what you need to know:

You are here for a reason, and that reason is not to just go through the motions.  That reason is to squeeze all the juice out of your potential.  To see who you can become as a person.  To see how you can contribute in ways that are meaningful.  This is how you find joy and fulfillment.

Decide that the standard of life that you have accepted is not good enough.  You deserve to feel and experience more.  It’s time to give yourself a hug, or a kick in the butt, whichever works best to get you to snap out of this half- alive going through the motions.

Remember a time when you were totally motivated to do something?  Maybe it was about traveling someplace or meeting someone special.   Feel what that was like in your body right now….  The anticipation of doing something exciting.

What would you have to say to yourself to make a commitment right now to step up in every area of your life?  What would you have to say to yourself  now to believe that feeling more alive is not just a thought, it is something that you deserve today?  Not next week or next year. You deserve to feel great about who you are and your life, TODAY!

Maybe you’re afraid.  Not a big deal.  It is not about getting rid of your fear before you do something.  It is about having some fear and doing it anyway.  You can easily replace the fear by bringing in courage.

So maybe it’s time to discover your courage.  It only takes 20 seconds of courage to start something new.  Then momentum can take over.  Can you find 20 seconds of courage?  Of course you can!  You can find it again and again….

Tell me about a time in your life when you have been tenacious.  Where you wanted something so badly and you went for it.  Remember how it feels to just decide that you want something and relentlessly go after it with determination and persistence. Maybe nothing could distract you because whatever it was felt so important.

We think we need more time, more information, and more money.  Maybe all we need is more courage, more determination, more commitment, and more persistence.

In order to breakthrough, and crush your limits and rocket out of this neutral zone, requires that you decide today, right here and right now, that enough is enough. That the life that you are experiencing is settling into a slow quick sand of mediocrity, and it is pulling you down.

You deserve more. You are bigger than this.  There is a giant inside of you yearning to live life all out, holding nothing back.  You are cheating yourself and the world from seeing the real you.  This spark of life, this amazing being that you are, wants the most incredible life possible.  How can you settle for any less?  Care more!  It matters.  You matter!

It’s time to make a new decision.  Who are you at your best?   Give your life that all day long and you will feel totally alive and free.  You will crush your limits and launch yourself beyond your imagination.  YOU make all the difference!

If you settle for less than you can be, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. -Abraham Maslow

February 15, 2012
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