Chicks Are Serious Business

Is something holding you back?

Is it possible that something can impact you so deeply that you change your life instantly forever? Maybe even in the context of a normal conversation? It happened to me with 4 words.

Can you take something that you are motivated about and committed to, and transfer that into an area where you have some doubt and fear? And never go back to having the fear again? And have that happen right now? I did and you can too.

I was able to build a belief bridge between something that I was totally committed to (business), and something that I had fears and doubts about (asking out attractive women). When I made a massive emotional connection between these 2 events, the doubts evaporated instantly.

The change didn’t happen intellectually. It rarely does. It happened when the brain and heart sync up in what I call an emotional click. This happens in a moment, not in weeks, months, or years, although it could. It can also happen already.

The very next day after hearing those 4 words from a friend “chicks are serious business”, I began an adventure of asking out every attractive woman that I saw. The self doubt no longer existed. I acted as if it never had, and did things that I normally would never do. It was a life changing moment, because I met my wife of 9 years as a result.

If instantaneous change was possible for me, it is certainly possible for anyone. In my coaching practice I expect that to happen with clients. It doesn’t mean that it always does, it only means that I expect it to, and I operate as if it will. And because I believe it so strongly I am finding it happens more often.

What’s holding you back from the thing that you want the most in your life? You may have a story about it. Something that happened, or didn’t happen in your past, and you have created a meaning from the story. However, if the meaning is changed, your story has no legs and collapses. What once held you back can be replaced now with a more empowering meaning to inspire and motivate you to pursue whatever you want.

The life that you want is nearby; in fact it might be really close. Maybe, closer than you know… so close you can reach out and touch it. Maybe all you need to do is change what something means and act on it, and as a result you get the life you really want.

What would happen if you were absolutely certain that you could change instantly something that has held you back for years? You might experience the freedom that you are looking for.  That wouldn’t be such a bad thing would it.  So, what are you willing to do now to make that your reality?

January 23, 2012
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