Got Goals? Here are 5 Easy Steps to Unlock Your Power

What’s goals got to do with success?

I know…  I know…   You have heard all about goal setting.  Hopefully you have goals written down, but if not, now is a great time to start and here’s Why:

You may even know about the University studies years ago that polled recent college graduates on whether or not they had written goals, and then followed up 20 years later to see what had happened.  Do you remember the results?

Here is what you need to know:  The 3% of the college grads who had the written goals were worth more $$ than the other 97% combined.  Want to look at that math again?  The 3% goal setters had more wealth than the other 97% combined.  And they had more happy, successful relationships.  I guess maybe that goal setting thing works after all.

So if you are not writing your goals on paper (Yes, they must be written down… someone always asks me that), maybe you are not giving your self the best chance for the success your deserve.  But you would never do that, so you are going to have written goals right?

OK here are the 5 Steps:


You must get clear exactly what it is that you want.  Because the more clear you are, and the more vividly you can see your goals and dreams,  the more likely you’ll achieve them.   Who can hit a target they can’t see?  The more crystal clear and specific the better.

Of course, the goals must be written down.  The ability to focus on your goals through the process of writing actually allows the doors of your creativity to open both consciously and unconsciously.  That is important.

Step 2.  WRITE DOWN ALL THE REASONS WHY you want to achieve your goals.  As many reasons as you can think of.   Write down all the benefits you will get from the goals.  The more benefits you have in writing, the more you will attract your goals like a super-magnet.

Step 3.   WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THAT YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO DO to achieve your goals.  Write down everything that you think it would take to get it, everything that it would require from you in terms of commitment and effort.

Step 4.  SET A DEADLINE.  Give it a specific time frame, because without a deadline it is only a wish list.

Step 5. REVIEW your goals regularly to check your progress.  Be flexible to change your approach if something you’re doing isn’t creating the result that you want.  Daily review of your goals is a great way to make sure that you are staying focused on what is most important to you.

In order to do this process most effectively, give yourself some un-interrupted time for creative brainstorming.  Add your favorite background music and have some fun.  Imagine you were a kid again, and anything was possible.  As a kid, there are no limits to what you can be, or do, or have.  Imagine anything is possible!  Write it down even if it seem silly or impossible.

Being realistic or “reasonable” has no role in this type of goal setting.  This process is all about opening the doors of your creativity and creating the right mindset for you to attract success.   You will be amazed at what can happen.

I recently went back over a list of goals that I had written down 15 years ago, and to my amazement, I had done most everything on the list.  At the time, many of the things on that list had seemed like it would  never happen for me, but I wrote it down anyway.  Some of the things I never even consciously thought much about in between review of my goals.  They happened anyway.

What do you dream about doing?…  What do you want to have? … Who do you want to become?

You may be surprised as you look back on the future you just created for yourself.   So, Go Live your dreams!






September 19, 2011
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