Is Your Happiness Paying the Price for Frozen Feet Syndrome?

What’s your standard for love and passion in your life?  Don’t just settle.

Have you ever made a decision to change something in your life, and then gotten cold feet?

Some people get what I call “Frozen Feet Syndrome” where they become incapable of ever changing anything, because the fear and overwhelm seem too profound. Instead, they just blow off the pressure to change again and again until they become numb or just settle into a life of unhappiness.

Are you willing to settle?

Can you think back to when your relationship or marriage just began, and you could just see the future of how wonderful your life would be with this person? How does your day-to-day now compare to that vision you had in the beginning?

Does just thinking about it make you cringe?

Relationships and marriages need a vision.

Without it, people can get caught up in the smallness of busy, stressed lives and forget what really matters. They get stuck here for so long, they consider it normal, and they settle there.

Do you have a vision for the relationship you want to create? What are you working towards by being together? Your relationship is either growing in love or eroding at the edges.

People often hope things will magically get better without doing anything. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Imagine the relationship of your dreams and fantasies. What does it look like? Describe that in detail. How alive does that vision make you feel?

Why settle for less?

We all have reasons why we do and don’t do things. We rationalize the most self-defeating things. They add up and keep us small. We lie deeply to ourselves.

Finding courage stops that, fast.

The missing ingredient in most stressed relationships is courage, not love.

It takes courage to go first and do the things that seem difficult, like apologize when you and your partner are at odds. It takes courage to give when you don’t want to. It takes courage to put your relationship above your own interests. And it takes real courage to make your relationship incredible, because there will be many times for you to choose not to.

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October 9, 2014
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