Are You the Untested Ferrari?

Yes your life is fine, but is that enough?

Many years ago they built the most amazing Ferrari.

It had a uniquely beautiful design. A highly sophisticated instrument panel with touch sensitive controls. Its handling system was run by the most advanced technology that ever existed. The most luxurious custom interior ever created. An amazingly powerful engine that produced multiple G-force acceleration and the most riveting full throttle sounds

A record breaking, award winning race car potentially…

It was truly one of a kind. There has never been another car like it.

They kept it hidden in the garage under cover.


Someone got scared.

They decided that it was better not to test the car because there could only be disappointment. If they put the car out there for people to see and hear, then there might only be criticism and potentially rejection.

And that was unacceptable because so much time, effort and energy were put into the car. And for this car, to not be enough…well that would be devastating.

The overpowering thought became “If we never test it, we can never be disappointed.”

As time went by, that thought would change to one of regret.

Are you the untested Ferrari?

Have you decided to hide who you really are to the world?

Can you be yourself fully and completely in your work and with the people you care about?

Yes maybe you have all kinds of reasons… and stories… that make it feel ok to keep parts of you hidden…

Will you be asking yourself, “Who am I?” in a few years, or has it already started?

Are you playing small because it feels safer than to be the real you, expressing fully the unique gifts that you have to the world? Living your purpose, and a life of meaning.

Are you afraid of going after what you really want with everything you’ve got? Risking failure, rejection and ridicule?

Have you settled into the comfortable life where things are fine?

How’s the job? “Fine.” How’s the relationship? “Fine.” How’s your life? “Fine.”

Will you live the life of unimagined possibilities never tried?

Yeah, but things are pretty good now aren’t they? I mean things are ok right?

If you only knew how fierce you really are, and how much more you are capable of, and the depth of creativity, courage and effort that exists within you.

There are treasured memories waiting to be created…magic moments…the possibilities of living more fully are endless. And you deserve them all.

You could start today…even right this moment.

All change happens when you make a new decision and then go do something different.

Or you could decide that it’s ok to not know what you are capable of and never give yourself the chance.

Decide! Not a big deal, just a very personal choice.

Your tomorrow is waiting. What’s it going to be like?


September 29, 2014
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