Want more loyalty from your employees?

What to be able to make a greater impact as a leader?

As you may be aware, the #1 Reason employees leave is because of their boss.

Is that you?

As a leader, when you walk into a room you are immediately influencing people…
Before you say one word.

What’s the feeling that people get from your presence? Do you know?

What’s the feeling that you get from the presence of your boss or peers?
Is it positive and empowering or something else?

Every facet of your body language, your credibility in conversations, what you say and don’t say, every aspect of what you do as a leader, is influencing people around you. Not always to your benefit
Unfortunately, your title as a leader only gives you a temporary amount of influence. After a short period of time people make up their own minds about your leadership capabilities.

Decide what you want people around you to feel when they interact with you. This requires absolute clarity. Own yourself, know who you are, and what you stand for as a leader, and act congruently with that. Your ability to influence will happily follow along.

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