Ode to Johnny “Football” Manziel

You start out with a given set of innate; skills, abilities, instincts and intelligence.

And that can take you to a certain level of success, as it did Mr. Johnny “Football”. You were a Heisman trophy winning quarter from Texas A & M, and former 1st round draft pick who clearly had plenty of innate skills, abilities and instincts.

You were arguably one of the most exciting college football players in recent history.

Beyond your given innate level, greatness must be earned.

That requires; an evolved set of skills, enhanced abilities, refined instincts and acquired wisdom. That comes only from practice, hard work, great coaching, and a commitment worthy of the level desired.
That cannot happen without your personal evolution.

You either evolve, or find yourself fenced in by your own self-imposed limitations. Your story and BS are closing off your possibilities, while you watch it happen, caught up in your own nightmare.

Who gets let go by two agents?

One wasn’t enough?

What about losing your marketing agency and most of your big money endorsements?

Still not enough to wake-up, and snap out of it and get the help you need? The alarm clock has been going off for quite some time, but still you slumber and party on.

Unfortunately that wake-up call can’t happen with your permission. Maybe you’re just afraid of the hard work that’s required to get out of your hole. Your earlier high levels of success relied too heavily on your innate skills and abilities.

Obviously, that’s not enough for the professional level.

The only way out is the hard work. Sure you’ve worked hard to get where you are, but what is needed is far beyond your understanding at the moment. Maybe you watched too many of your own highlight reels.

You are lost to your own potential; another has been who could be so much greater. It’s not too late.

There is only one way back. That requires a level of self-honesty you haven’t yet demonstrated.

You cannot do it your way. Allow people to help you, or the hole you’re in will just get deeper. Grab onto all of the help you can get your hands on, and listen to the actual wisdom of the experts.
Clearly what you are doing isn’t working. Let me repeat myself; what you are doing really sucks for you.

And then; relentlessly and tenaciously embrace the work with the maximum effort your potential deserves. Not your potential as a football player, your potential as a man. What’s at stake is bigger than football.

In the twilight of your life, you will reminisce about the good old days of Johnny Football, and with all of those memories will come a deep regret that you can’t shake, and an emptiness that nothing can fill. You will have lost who you are, and wonder who you have become.

You are not the first guy to think he has everything under control while your career gets flushed down the toilet.

What are you actually willing to do about that?

The clock is counting down on your options.

May 3, 2016
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