Into the Fire…Facing Your Fear

This might be a bit  uncomfortable at first, but you deserve it!

We were born to struggle.   We were born to take on challenges and adversity.  We are hard wired that way.  Remember back when you were a baby…no further back…when you were in your mother’s womb?

You can easily imagine how safe and comfortable you were there floating in the warm amniotic fluid.  Then in an instant you were pushed, or pulled out into the open air and you took your very first breath.   Air!  That’s right!  Your first breath….That strange thing and you adapted immediately and breathed air from that moment on.  You survived an incredible shock …and thrived.  You are a miracle of birth.

Remember when you stood for the first time and tried to walk?  You likely failed and fell down.  And then you stood and took some steps again and fell down.  You did this over and over, not for an instant wondering if you could do it.  Not for a second questioning whether this was for you or not.  Not for a moment wondering what anyone else was thinking as you fell.

This is who we are: hard wired for challenges.  We are born to learn, and grow, and change, and stumble, and pick ourselves up and do it all over again.   We have the ability to handle the most difficult challenges and adversity.   We are incredibly resilient.   And we all make mistakes.   We can’t grow without mistakes.    This process brings us experience and wisdom, and it shapes us into the unique individuals that we all are.

As we grow up, we take on self imposed limitations.  The ones we create ourselves, and the ones that we accept from others or society.  They often have no basis in fact or reality.  We have simply made decisions that we can’t do something because….(insert personal reason, limited belief, or excuse here.)

Fear is what holds us back.  Fear is what keeps us playing small.  Fear is what prevents us from exploring our full potential.   Fear is the obstacle between where you are now and the life that you really want.

There are fears from the past that we bring forward, fears of the future, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, and fear of not being enough etc:

Let’s look at the fear of not being enough

In what way are you not enough?  Are you not smart enough, attractive enough, successful enough, financially abundant enough, fit enough, good enough, etc…?   Maybe you think you have proof  that you are not enough…I know differently.

Time for an adventure…an experiment…   and I am curious,  if you might really do this exercise or not because you do have fear of not being enough in some way… don’t you…We all do.

Info the Fire we go…  Time to face some of these fears that seem so very real.  Take a moment now and just test this out for yourself and just notice what happens….Pay attention to what you notice.  This little exercise will take less than 2 minutes.  Give it a shot and see what happens.

Step 1

Close your eyes and remember something that you are afraid of doing and imagine doing it in your mind now….Feel what it feels like it your were to do the thing you are afraid of now…and then simply sit in your fear for a 10-15 seconds and notice it…notice where it exists in your body… and just feel it…  Notice what comes into your mind… and simply see it…and sit with it… for just a few seconds more…noticing what you are noticing.

Step 2

Now say to the fear… Thanks for stopping by! …That’s all….Thanks for stopping by!… And notice what happens to the feeling in your body,… and into the images in your mind…. Just notice what happens and how you feel now…. You can repeat this phrase several times, and just notice what happens when you say it… Thanks for stopping by!  That’s it.  That’s all you have to do for this small test.  Email me at and let me know what happened and what you experienced.   If you did this, you will have something interesting to tell me and I wonder what that will be for you.

If you settle for less than you can be, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.” -Abraham Maslow

September 6, 2012
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