Your Self Confidence Misses You!

Maybe it’s time to reconnect.

In case you didn’t know or forgot, self confidence is the foundation of happiness and success.  How you feel about yourself matters.  It’s not a little thing.  It’s everything!

It determines your willingness to go after the things that make you happy.  It expands the possibilities in your life.  It gives you a real sense of worth.  It’s the intangible that allows for the greatness in you to pour out.  (fyi-You do have greatness in you.)

Whatever you believe to be true…is!  Whatever you believe about yourself is the foundation of your success and happiness before you begin.

Let me tell you a secret…You were born with confidence.  You were born to struggle through adversity and challenge, and come out on the other side smarter, stronger, and more resilient.  You were born to make mistakes, and to learn, and grow, and stretch yourself.

Maybe you forgot that you are this ingenious survivor who can withstand any challenge that comes your way.  Maybe you even forgot some of the lessons of previous tough times as I have.  Did you know that everyone struggles from time to time?  Everyone goes through their own version of some brutal adversity that shakes them to their core.

Who did you become as a result of going through those tough times?  Did you become stronger, or weaker?  Did you become less of a person somehow, or more?  At the depth of the greatest challenges in your life exists a moment... A moment where you make a decision; to pull yourself up out of the funk, or lay in it.   You either resolve to do whatever it takes, or give up.

Who we become is measured in those moments, and it affects our self confidence. Our story traps us, or frees us.   The truly amazing thing is that you can lay in the funk and give up for 10 years, and then just all of a sudden decide that you’ve had enough.  The life that sucked for so long can change instantly.  Your focus can shift even now, and you can discover a hunger and a determination to fully LIVE your life.  You can reach inside of yourself and remember this incredible courage.  The courage that gives you the strength to say ENOUGH!

Courage allows you to remember who you are.  Courage is the fuel to ignite a blaze of confidence within you.  You have always been courageous!  You have always been brave!  Courage is your path back to confidence.

Sometimes we forget, and need to be reminded that it’s easy to find just 20 seconds of courage to step up and face your fear.  20 seconds to reconnect with your confidence.  20 seconds that can change your life.

Self Confidence is the reason people with less talent, less ability, and less intelligence become happier, and more successful, than people who have much more of those same things.

Who gives you self confidence?  You do!  Who gets hurt if you don’t feel good about yourself?  You do!  And unfortunately so do the people around you.

Everything you have done well or poorly in your life; mistakes or success… has brought you to this moment in time …right here, right now…reading these words… You have the power within you of incredible influence.  You can imagine beginning to have an understanding, to live a larger, more meaningful life, and impact those around you.  What will you do with it?  Will you step up and connect with your confidence and courage, to do what you really want to do, or always regret that you did not.

This might be just another article to read, or maybe this is your life calling…

You could choose to do nothing.  How long does the pain of regret  last anyway?  Your future is waiting to be written.  Looking back, what did you want it say about you?    Someone,…right now,  is making a new decision,… maybe that’s you.

March 21, 2012
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