Leaders Who Inspire Turnover

All organizations are a reflection of their leadership. Can people lead effectively without demonstrating emotional competence? Many leaders unintentionally demonstrate behaviors that interfere with and jeopardize people feeling valued and supported. A leader who demonstrates anger, condescension, avoidance, and verbally cutting people to ribbons, may not be fit to lead. It is also clear as […]

The Art of Self-Neglect

The most trying times in life are not the struggles as much as our internal dilemma: Do we choose to rise up, or not? Do we decide that we are bigger than this thing, or not? Do we accept our capacity to work our way through? Will we honor the truth; that we have more strength […]

Measure Your Greatness

There is only one personally meaningful measure of greatness. That you gave your gifts without apology and at such a high level you inspired others to reach for the same or more, while being personally at peace with yourself. There is no greatness if you never feel at peace with your effort or achievements, because […]

Healing Your Emotional Life for Good

First some background. Everything you’ve seen, felt, and experienced has been stored away in your mind. Even the things you didn’t want to see and hear are recorded in the background of your unconscious mind. Besides the obvious events, this is how things get in: Whatever you do, don’t think about the blue giraffe with […]

Interested in Being a Better Leader?

The essence of leadership is a willingness to align yourself with what you believe to be important,  and the interests of the people who look to you for direction. Nothing matters more than your recognition that they matter. And until they know it, they’re unlikely to care very much. You are measured every day in […]

Ode to Johnny “Football” Manziel

Is greatness; given, or earned?

You start out with a given set of innate; skills, abilities, instincts and intelligence.

And that can take you to a certain level of success, as it did Mr. Johnny “Football”. You were a Heisman trophy winning quarter from Texas A & M, and former 1st round draft pick who clearly had plenty of innate skills, abilities and instincts.