Thanks for Nothing

This is Thanksgiving week, and the official beginning of the Holiday Season. A very special time of year…at least for many of us. But for others, this same Season is just a trigger to remember their unhappiness. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a reminder to be grateful for the good things we have in our lives.

3 Things You Need to Do Right Now to Have a Happier Relationship

If your relationship has been struggling for a while, you’ve probably tried a number of things to improve the situation and feel happier and more connected to your partner. In our experience from working with couples, even the best intended efforts can fall short when key ingredients are missing. Here are the three things we […]

Is Your Happiness Paying the Price for Frozen Feet Syndrome?

What’s your standard for love and passion in your life?  Don’t just settle. Have you ever made a decision to change something in your life, and then gotten cold feet? Some people get what I call “Frozen Feet Syndrome” where they become incapable of ever changing anything, because the fear and overwhelm seem too profound. […]

Are You the Untested Ferrari?

Yes your life is fine, but is that enough? Many years ago they built the most amazing Ferrari. It had a uniquely beautiful design. A highly sophisticated instrument panel with touch sensitive controls. Its handling system was run by the most advanced technology that ever existed. The most luxurious custom interior ever created. An amazingly […]

How to Avoid the Relationship Destroying Escalation

Is it the beginning of the end, or a new beginning? Many years ago I had a conversation with my wife that could have ended our marriage. And I have seen many couples engaged in the exact same cycle of relationship destruction. Here’s what happened: My wife said something to me and I responded back. […]

Emotional Fitness: The Key to Your Happiness

This is my “depressed stance.” When you’re depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you’ll start to feel better. If you’re going to get any joy out of being depressed, you’ve got to stand like this. […]